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Funds Raised So Far $1,000,000


  • New A/C units
  • Additional prayer hall spaces
  • Community center build outs for 2nd and 3rd floors
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Our Mission

Bayyinah Foundation is a non-profit organization created with a passion to give back to the Muslim community by launching Quranic & Arabic based learning initiatives to educate both those in the United States and abroad.

Ways To Help

Bayyinah Foundation’s vision is to enrich individuals, families, and institutions by making Quranic and Arabic studies accessible to the world. In order to offer comprehensive programs and guide students toward their educational goals, Bayyinah Foundation is expanding its facility to create a learning center for all ages where members can have access to a study hall, seminar gatherings, and a gymnasium and lounge for both youth and adults alike.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I donate my Zakah to Bayyinah?

Zakah is a pillar of Islam and a special type of donation. Allah tells us in the Qur’an (9:60) about 8 categories of people that are Zakah eligible.

Although scholars say that Muslim schools and institutes fall under one of those 8 categories called Fi Sabeel illah, being extra cautious about this core pillar of our faith, we have decided that we will not be accepting Zakah.

You may still generously donate Sadaqah or general charity at and help us build A Center Dedicated to Spreading the Quran’s Message. We pray that you are rewarded with Sadaqah Jaria (on going charity) by donating to this project.

2. Is my donation to Bayyinah Foundation tax-deductible?

Bayyinah Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization registered with the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America. Tax ID# 47-3749837.

3. Who do I contact for questions related to donations?

May Allah reward you for your willingness to donate. You can contribute to the new Bayyinah campus by visiting and clicking on “Support Us”.

For questions related to donations, please send an email to with an appropriate Subject line.

4. Can Bayyinah Foundation accept a matching gift contribution from my company?

Alhamdulillah, Bayyinah Foundation is eligible for employer matching gift programs.

5. How do I cancel or change my monthly pledge?

If you wish to change, suspend or cancel your monthly donations, you may do so by logging in through your own PayPal or Stripe account.

6. What is Bayyinah Foundation’s list exchange policy?

Bayyinah Foundation does not sell, exchange or share our membership list.

7. Where do I go to watch Ramadan Exclusive videos?

You can watch Ramadan Exclusive Sessions on as well as catch up with the previous recordings. For recordings please scroll to the bottom of the page at

8. I’m having trouble watching the Ramadan Exclusive videos, what do I do?

If you are having technical issues then please try different browsers, different devices, clear Cache and check your internet speed. You can also change the video quality by clicking on the icon on the lower right side of the video.

9. What time does the Ramadan Exclusive program start in my city?

Videos will be posted daily.

10. What are the funds being utilized for?

For a detailed explanation of how the funds will be utilized and have been previously utilized please view this link.

11. What is your refund policy?

Payments made to Bayyinah Foundation are non-refundable and we do not provide credit, refunds, or prorated billing for donations .If you were mistakenly double charged and/or received two invoices, please use our chat support. Refund requests will only be honored within 30 days of purchase.

For questions about Bayyinah TV, please use our bot.

Previously used raised funds were utilized for:

Phase I

  • Auditorium
  • Musallah
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Wudu and bathroom areas
  • Upgrade to parking lot
  • Foundation issues
  • Water main repairs

Phase II

  • Interior building renovations including restrooms, sports facility, community lounge
  • Renovations of the 2nd and 3rd floor
  • Make the building Handicap accessible, building foundation, roof, electrical, mechanical
  • Elevators
  • Renovation of building’s exterior and windows
  • Overhead
  • Taxes

Phase III goal: $1,000,000

  • New A/C units
  • Additional prayer hall spaces
  • Community center build outs for 2nd and 3rd floors